Thursday, June 18, 2015

Summer Homework

Source:  Fluttering Through First Grade

Summer Homework

This poem says it all, I hope the ladies at Fluttering Through First Grade do not mind if I share it with you.  If you would like a copy please go to their site and download it for FREE!  

I am constantly thinking of ways or things I want to do to improve my teaching for the new school year.  I have created my Summer Homework List to help me stay focused.  Sometimes I see so many great ideas on Pinterest I lose my focus.  
Hopefully I do better on my list than last summer.

  • ·      Work on developing a Writing/Reading/Phonics Framework
  • ·      Reread Of Primary Importance
  • ·      Begin filling in the Exit Expectations for the Arch. Of Milwaukee
  • ·      September Challenge Folders
  • ·      Writing Folders
  • ·      Teacher Gifts Apple Jars (10)
  • ·      Birthday Cards
  • ·      Welcome Cards (Send out last week of July)
  • ·      Welcome Bags
  • ·      Print Labels for work folders/challenge folders/writing folders/writing journals/science journals/math journals
  • ·      Name Cards

o   Home Reading
o   Behavior
o   Lunch
o   Name Tags
o   Desk Tags

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  1. Lists always help us stay on top of things. There's always more to do...Just don't forget to give yourself some summer too! :) Thanks for sharing!


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