Tuesday, February 3, 2015

I'm Done.....What should I do??????

I hear it all the time......I finished my work what should I do know.  Well it is February and I think (knock on wood) the kids can finally figure it out.

In my first grade classroom I have a system.  It starts every time we do an assignment.  In their desks each student has a red folder, that is where they put work they do not finish throughout the day.

When they find themselves with a free moment they start with their red folder  and finish their work.

The next step is to move to their challenge folder.  Each month I create 16 challenge assignments from the help from other bloggers.
They have incentives to complete the activities correctly.  My students must complete one challenge activity before they can have "free choice"  in the classroom.
The goal is to get four in a row to earn a ticket.  Tickets can be used to get coupons.  
#1  Addition Love Bug Game 
#2  Mixed Up Animal Sentence
#3 Find, Tally and Graph
#4  Letter for My Valentine
# 5  Money for My Valentine
#6  Valentine Word Problems
#7  Adding Up Postage
#8  Valentine Word Search
#9  Sweet Nouns
#10  Double the Fun Game
#11  Read and Write
#12  Valentine ABC
#13  February Reading Challenge
#14  True and False Spin Math
#15  Solve, Cut, Paste It
#16  Sort Math Facts

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