Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Favorite March 22

This week my Friday Favorite is from my partner teacher Lynn and Mrs. Jump. 

My partner teacher, Lynn, found a new book for us to read to our little ones for Astronaut Adventure Days, Aliens Don’t Wear Underpants. 

This book was a big hit with the children.  The illustrations are adorable.  The rhyming text is wonderful.  The children love the story.  They giggled and laughed all the way though the book. 

Mrs. Jump had an idea on her website for an art project.  We  used that as our spring board.  We wanted to let our little ones pick their own colors and decide their own aliens.  So we gave them a varity of  paper shapes and colors. 

The project turned out super cute.  
Here are two more books I highly recommend this week:

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