Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday Finds

Jan. 4, 2013

This is a simple and great idea for a quick check to see what the little ones are thinking.  Have the children draw what they think is the most important detail of the story.

I completely forgot about this idea.  I used to do this years ago when I taught first grade all the time to introduce something new.  I am going to to this idea next week.  I think I am going to call it the mystery word and see how my kindergarteners do with it.  It may be fun for something to do while we take turns in the bathroom.  
I found this free penguin game today and I think it would be perfect for my kinders to do with their 8th grade buddies next week.  I am always looking for something productive for them to do together.

My little ones are tattling up a storm.  I am going to look for this book this week and develop a lesson around it for kindergarten buddy time.  Let me know if you have suggestions for tattling....


  1. I recently started using the Tattle Tale song on the Heidisongs classroom management dvd. My kinders LOVE to sing it and when they start tattling, I just start singing the song to them. It really is helping me.

  2. Thanks for the notice on my post about drawing the most important part! I am now following your blog - nice to "meet" you!

    Teaching Ace Blog


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