Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Science in a Jar

Today in Science we worked on our sense of smell.  I found this new book I order from Scholastic Book Orders last year, Sniff, Sniff  A Book About Smell. It came in a pack with other books about the Five Senses. 
My little ones loved it, especially our discussion about what mucus is.  We added more words to our science board.

When we finished our book we did a little predicting.  We tried to figure out what was in the Smelly Jars.

  I made some picture clues on index cards.  My little ones made their predictions on this form.  They drew a picture of their favorite scent on the bottom of the page and wrote some words to describe it.
They had a great time smelling the containers.


  1. Where did you get the smelly jars? They look perfect!

    1. The smelly jars are made out of recycled frosting containers. I covered them in contact paper. Parents donate the containers to the classroom. I use them for all kinds of things, science and math supplies, marker and pencil containers. I even saw an idea on Pinterest that you can store your bulletin board boarders in them. Thanks for reading TVBK.


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