Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Introducing Apples

Today I began my apple unit.  I started with reading the book,  Ten Apples on Top.  I had a couple of my students try to balance one apple on their heads.  Sorry no pictures.....I don't have permission yet to have student photos on my site.  It was very funny!

After I read this wonderful book, I introduced my little ones to some new words.  As I introduced each word we talked about how it relates to an apple.   Then we sorted all the words by syllables.  (They were familiar with syllables because they just did an activity in Music class.)  
My little ones really enjoyed this activity.  If you would like a copy of the cards I made Click Here :)  Enjoy!


  1. Thank you!! We started our apple unit this week, also.

  2. Awesome! We are loving apple week AND we've been doing many activities with syllables. Thank you!

  3. just started following your blog! Thank you so much for this great resource! ellen.yucht@imagineschools.com


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