Monday, September 17, 2012

Reading Center Goals

This week my goal in reading is to focus on my reading center.  My little ones are looking at the books and building their stamina however when they finish they are throwing and stuffing the books everywhere.  I will take my part of the responsibility in the situation because I did not sit in the center with them and model what I expected and I never got around to labeling the reading center like I wanted.

So this will be my goal for the week, to model how to read quietly in the reading center and how to care for the reading area. 

Today I read the book, Forest Friends Go To School A Very, Very Sad Story, my partner teacher found it at Kindergarten Kindergarten.  My little ones loved it.  We cleaned up our reading area and talked about how we could take better care of our books and our reading area. 
Tomorrow I am going to read, How Rocket Learned to Read, and introduce my 3 Ways to Read poster.

I will label my reading area and the books with the children so my children will take some ownership of the area.  I am making new labels now.  Here is a sample, what do you think?

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  1. So cute! I love these decorations and ideas. Reading is so important, especially in kindergarten.


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