Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

Last year I wrote a post about this project.   It is a project I do every year as an informal assessment to see what my students know about beginning sounds.  However, I was unhappy with some of the graphics so I purchased some new graphics this year and I redid the project just a bit.  

In the art center with parent assistance, the children create a coconut tree.
Sorry I do not have a copy of the tree to share I found it in a magazine years ago. 
 For table work the children color in these alphabet pictures from KPM Doodles.
click here for a copy

Then the children come up to my table and I work with them and teach them how to cut the pictures out and glue them on a long alphabet strip.  I pre-make the alphabet strips.
click here for a copy of the alphabet strip

Please read the old post for the “how to” for the project.  As the children work on the project I like to observe what they know about beginning sounds and how well they can work with scissors.  This is a big project so it gives you a good insight to how well your students will manage projects.  


  1. I'm loving the alphabet strips, but I can't figure out all of the pictures. I don't know what picture you have for I and X...and I've gone over it so many times. Can you help?

    1. The graphics are from KPM Doodles and the set has inchworm for i and fox for x. A bit confusing but the x sound at least.

      Thanks for asking :)


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