Saturday, September 1, 2012

A Gift from Lakeshore

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by Kim to receive a game from Lakeshore.  I picked out:  At My Seat Math Game,  Roll and Build Geometry Game because at my school we are concentrating on building our math curriculum this year. 

When I received the game I was really excited because I saw that the Roll and Build Geometry Game fit perfectly with a couple of the kindergarten common core standards:

G.K.3 Identify shapes as two-dimensional (lying in a plane, “flat”) or three dimensional.
G.K.5 Model shapes in the world by building shapes from components (e.g.,
sticks and clay balls) and drawing shapes.

I had several of the students try it out this week with their reading buddies.  It was interesting to watch both the kindergarten children and the 8th graders work together to create the shapes.  There was lots of discussion and interactions as the children worked together to solve how to create the 3d shapes, that was somewhat challenging for them.   I noticed there was a lot of problem solving going on because there are different size sticks and the children had to manipulate the circles to join the sticks together.    However I feel problem solving is always good for the children.  

Lakeshore is offering 25% off now through 10/01/12 on one non sale item.  Make sure you take advantage of it.  Don't forget to type in the code:  2246  at Checkout.  

I know I will be purchasing some wooden blocks from my wish list.  

Thank you again Kim for the gift I know my students will enjoy playing the Roll and Build Geometry Game.  

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