Thursday, August 30, 2012

Welcome To My New Class

I have started my first week with my new students and boy am I exhausted.   I do not know where they get all their energy when it is 90 degrees and no air-conditioning at school.

We are celebrating our first week together by getting to know each other and reading books about going to school and names. 

We read A my name is Alice and made a class book during reading centers.  For our art project we made rainbow names again, a project from last year that I absolutely loved! 

During Math Stations the children worked on a new class book page for another name book.   
As with all my class books each child makes a page and I put the pages in page protectors.

I had printed their names with the MTF Jumpin Jack font in a table on Word.  I scrambled the letters.  The children had to cut them out and reassemble their names.  

Click Here if you would like a copy of the cover and class book page.  :)  Enjoy

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