Saturday, July 28, 2012

Working Happier

When we truly care for ourselves, it becomes possible to care far more profoundly about other people.  The more alert and sensitive we are to our own needs, the more loving and generous we can be toward others.   
  Eda LeShan

I read this quote in Sarah Ban Breathnach’s book, Simple Abundance, and it made me think of my role as a teacher.  I thought how true is that!  Whenever I don’t feel 100 percent at school it is really hard to focus and give my little ones my full attention.  Sarah suggests  putting  things together to take to work to give you comfort during the day or during times of need.

I went to Target and found two cute cosmetic bags.  One will be my comfort bag and the other will be for feminine products.

Here are the items I put in my little comfort bag for work:
·      Safety pins
·      Breath mints
·      Hair ties
·      Tea
·      Contact solution
·      Deodorant
·      Ibuprofen
·      Hand cream
·      Toothpaste/toothbrush
·      Carmex & covergirl wetslicks (a girl needs a little color here and there)
·      Extra morning meds (because I always forget to take them)
·      Cough drops
·      Nail file

If I was not on this crazy diet I would have chocolate in my bag, however I do not want any temptations. 

I purchased a new Febreze plug in and scents to freshen up the classroom during the first months.  I am working on putting together a playlist just for myself  with my favorite songs.  I love to listen to music after school while I clean the classroom. 

I also have a couple of my favorite things in the classroom:
·      Favorite pencils for just me
·      Lots of cute post its
·      Highlighters
·      My little owl lamp
·      Stuffed owl from Pottery Barn
    Several pictures that I love :)

I have my little refrigerator in my classroom so I can have a pitcher of cold water.  I drink lots of water throughout the day.  I have my favorite water cup from Starbucks to drink out of.  

All my little things at the workplace help to create a place of comfort for me.........
Working happier accomplishes much more than working harder. 
Sarah Ban Breathnach
I love fresh flowers in this pencil vase I made last year, just another thing that makes me happy. :)


  1. I also like to have my own little personal items in my room. I've always just kept them in a drawer but now I'm going to go get a pretty comfort bag. Love the idea!

    I keep a pretty placemat and napkin in the staff room to use at lunch. It makes a simple and very quick lunch seem a little more significant.

  2. Your classroom is not just for your students. Making it comfortable and cozy is important for us too. I think it is great that you have things in your room that make you happy. I bought myself a new piece of art to hang just because it made me smile. When teacher-mama's happy, everybody's happy!

    Mello’s Memos

  3. Hi Sue,

    I finally found space in my room for a tiny desk and am looking forward to having a spot for myself to display a family photo, flowers (of course) and some bright sharpy markers. I love the idea of a playlist and will get busy transferring some music to my ipod for those times when I am working at "my desk".

    Stop by my blog if you have time. I just joined a linky party and am discovering tons of new blogs.

    Liz :)

  4. Thanks for listing the items in your bag! I'm going to take your lead and create a comfort bag for myself! My stuff seems to be all over the room. This is such a great idea!

    Peace, Love, and First Grade

  5. Great minds think alike! I was just going to do a blog post on this! One more very important thing to add to your bag--a Tide to Go pen, or Shout Wipes. I rarely make it through a day without spilling coffee, getting dry erase marker on me, or getting other assorted "kid" stuff on me!
    Kathryn-- Kindergarten Kindergarten

    1. Thanks Kathryn for the great suggestions.


  6. I like your blog! I agree that taking good care of yourself can definitely make you a better teacher. This blog post is really inspiring. I want to put my own list together now!

  7. LOVE this post! I have my comfort items ready to go, too. This is also a great gift for new teachers in your schools. We have two new teachers joining our team this year--thanks for sharing a great way for me to bless them!

  8. This is a great reminder...thanks for this post!

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