Monday, July 30, 2012

Books of Love

I now have two books, and some special books and a basket full of special gifts.

What do you do with the special notes you receive from parents, coworkers, and students throughout the year?   Years ago I received my first journal book from a parent it was so beautiful that I just did not know what to do with it.  So I started to tape kind notes from parents in it that I didn’t want to misplace. 
This is my second book of notes.

Now when I finish cleaning up my classroom at the end of the year and finish writing my thank you notes that is when I take the time to work on my notes.  I get a big glass of lemonade and some tape and I sit on my front porch.  I like to tape all the notes that I receive throughout the year in the book at one time.  I take a few hours to reread and reflect on my year.  Then I take another hour to reread my old letters and think of my former students.  It is a nice way to finish up the year.   
Sample page of cards
This is how the book looks from the side, it has so many notes and cards in it.
I keep these wonderful books of love at home in my bookcase.  They are one of my  treasures.  


  1. I am giving you the Lovely Blog Award! Come check it out!

  2. I NEVER know what to do with these cards and letters....I wish I had started this years ago... I am going to start this year! Thanks for the great idea!


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