Sunday, July 22, 2012

In Pictures and In Words Book Study Chapter 9

In Pictures and In Words
Book Study  Chapter 9
I am getting a bit overwhelmed with all these techniques.  So instead of trying to remember all of them I decided to approach this chapter differently from the chapters.  I have picked one picture book for this chapter that I feel I can teach several techniques that are important to me. 

As I read the techniques in this chapter, the book that popped into my mind several times was, The Napping House, by Audrey Wood.

·      Reappearing Details
·      Keeping details consistent so that the readers  can trust your writer
·      Building meaning from one idea to the next
    The room and the characters remain the same throughout the story however you need to watch and listen to the details change and how they interact with each other to see how the story changes.

Crafting and ending that returns to the Beginning but yet the there is some kind of change
This is a perfect example of that technique.  Audrey Wood starts with the house in the rain and all the characters and inside sleeping.  Then...

She ends the story with all the characters outside awake enjoying the sun.

Using Light to show the Passage of Time & Using Weather to Show the Passage of Time
You just need to watch the window and the background of the illustrations to see how this works.  

 I think I am a few weeks late on this, I can not even find where to link up too.  So here you have it .....   just my thoughts.  :)

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