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In Pictures and In Words Book Study Chapter 10

In Pictures and In Words
Book Study  Chapter 10

Tone, In Pictures and In Words

The main point of this chapter is to help your little ones understand that the illustrator is trying to “evoke” emotions from the reader by using a variety of techniques:

·       Color both in objects and background 
·       Materials
·      The size of the objects
·      The space between the characters and objects
·      The shape and textures
·      Accentuating or Exaggerating Features
·      Details

I believe Lois Elhert’s books are a great example of many of these techniques.  Below are some samples I found in three books she illustrated.

The colors she picked for each of these books is somewhat different.  In Lots of Spots,  she has a lot of color and a plain white background because she is focusing on the spots and the colorful animals are the background.

 In LeafMan the leaves become different things however during the entire book Lois never changes the feeling that this book takes place during the fall.  All the pages have fall colors, even the backgrounds.

Another technique Lois is using to create a tone is using shape.   Look at the size difference between the mice and the pumpkins.
She also uses texture to create a softness about the pumpkins and a quietness about the mice.
See all the sharp edges and lines that Lois is using to create the emotion to be scared of the tiger.  Please don't forget to point out Lois signature heart!
Lois loves heart shapes.

The type of material you use also creates a mood as well.  Here it looks like Lois watercolored the background to look like water.  

I already point out a lot of these things to my little ones, however I have not let them loose to create books on their own.  I did more structured and guided writing.  I am looking forward to see what happens.  

This chapter suggests that I  have other materials besides crayons, markers, and pencils available for the students to create with.  I should  let them have watercolors and paint for more vibrate backgrounds.  
I may save the paint for later in the year.  

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