Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Guided Math Book Study The Rest of the Book

Guided Math Chapter 7 & 8 & 9

I think I fell behind last week when I went on vacation so I have an extra chapter to make up.  Lucky for me the last three chapters are short.

The most important point I have taken away from chapter 7  is that I need to work on is “setting up procedures so students who hurry through their work and complete a task before the workshop is over know what they should work on next.”

This is one of my biggest frustrations last year with my little ones.  My thought is to create an anchor chart of what to do when I finish:
   When I Finish I Can
   Clean Up My Station
·      Put my completed work in the basket
·      Check my " To Do Pocket"
·      Read books from the Math Basket
·      Work in My Math Journal

I also need to work on eliminating interruptions during conferencing as well. 

Another important point is to keep students actively involved during Guided Practice.  Yes my little ones love to move around and touch things.

 Chapter 8 is all about assessment.  I need to do more informal assessments throughout the quarter so parents can have a little feedback. 

I like the terms: (P.265)
I want to use these more when communicating with parents.

I am reminded as I read this chapter that I need to do more making teacher observations during my guided math groups. 

Chapter 9 is all about putting it in to Practice!

I already completed job number one on my list.  I purchased new drawers and set them up.  I also decided how I will store the activities and the children will manage the supplies.
I went through my first set of Math stations from last year about shapes and remade several of the stations. 
Click the picture to go to my store if you want more details.

I created a grid for math observations. 
Click Here For A Copy

Next on my list is to recreate my rules chart for math centers and create a what to do when I am finished chart. 

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  1. I love the organization with your plastic drawers! Makes everything easier!
    Conversations in Literacy

  2. Hi Sue,

    Do the students take the drawers to their work space or is there a smaller container inside that that use?I purchased similiar tubs for
    the creative art area to hold bigger pieces like egg cartons but they do not come all the way out. Thanks,

    Liz :)

  3. I like how organized those drawers look!


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