Sunday, March 4, 2012


Week of Stars

My solar system unit begins in the center with the biggest star in our system, and the only star, The Sun.    We will learn all about the sun and stars this week.  I also like to read to my little ones a book about shooting stars and comets.

Here are the books I will read to my little guys read:

I will read these two first on Monday.  We will watch the Brain Pop Jr. Link about the Sun as well.  

I love this book it is so cute, about half way through the book my little ones begin to predict what is going on.  

I just found this at Barnes and Noble.   It is cute.  It reminds the little ones and big ones to look around them everyone to find stars in nature.  

I found this math addition review worksheet at Education.Com.  It says it is for First Graders but I know my little ones can handle it.  

I plan on introducing this poem as well, it came home with one of my children from school one day.  It is a oldie but goodie.
Click Here for your copy of I Like Stars

I have two big art projects planned for the week and one more math activity.  I will post them later.  

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  1. I shared an award with you--come and grab it!

    Thanks for the links :-) I LOVE teaching about outer space. You found a few of my favorite books!


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