Saturday, March 3, 2012

Computer Resources Out of This World

In March I will be teaching my little ones all about the Solar System.  The easiest center to set up is the computer/ipad center.  I can organize those centers from home on my laptop.

I just could not find many apps for little ones that I thought were educational/appropriate  for my classroom.

This Nasa app is nice for the teacher.   It has a lot of facts about the solar system.   However it is not for the children.   I do have two little ones who might be able to read and comprehend the information.  They may be able to use this app.

There's No Place Like Space!  All About Our Solar System, is an app I purchased for 5.99.  I know my little ones enjoyed the book last year so I think they will like the app.  Plus just celebrating Dr. Seuss's birthday is a nice follow up.

I have two PC's in my classroom and I have the following sites bookmarked on my computers:

My little ones loved this site last year, we found the activities at level two and three to be the best for us.  The class favorite for the last two years was Roving Mars.

I found at  a Solar System game as well.  

I found some stories for the Computer Center for Reading Time.   Nighttime, Night Shift, Night In the Country and A Shower of Stars and you can find them all  together at the PBS site. 
PBS Story Time


  1. I am loving all of your space posts! We will do our space unit towards the end of the year, so I'm tagging and pinning like crazy! Can't wait to use lots of your fabulous ideas!

    Mrs. Krull
    Of Primary Importance


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