Wednesday, March 7, 2012

March Math Stations

I know I am not finished organizing these yet but I wanted to share with you what I have so far.  It seems to take me a long time to get these centers organized.  

My Math Stations in March will focus on Money.  My little ones are struggling with identifying their coins and counting those coins.  

Last month, my little ones struggled with several aspects of my Math Stations.  They did well with activities they could work on by themselves but activities that involved cooperative sharing they did not do as well.  I had twelve stations so that there were only two children at a station but that did not seem to matter.  Games that I thought would be super easy, they struggled with.  So here we are a new month and we will try again.  

Here is the cover sheet that each child receives in their math station folder.   I give them a sticker when they complete a station.  It is a good visual reminder for them and for me. 

Station 1  
I purchased cards similar to these last month from Doodle Bugs, but my little ones struggled with them.  So I made them a bit easier.  

Click Here for your Cards and Student Sheet

Station 2
This idea was inspired by The Great Coin Collection by The First Grade Parade.  My little ones struggled with identifying the coins and with the idea of taking turns during a game.  So I want to do this game again this month.    It is an easy one to adjust to your theme.  I am going to have the children use plastic coins as markers.

Station 3
Graphing Coins
I need to put this together.

Station 4   
The activity is so cute.  I found it at Kindergarten is a Hoot.  There are cards that go along with it that my little ones will search for.  I love this station because the little ones will have to write a number in different ways.  Go to Sara's blog to read more about it.  
Kindergarten Is A Hoot
Station 5 
Pot of Gold Game I found and Printed but I can not remember from where???

Station 6

I made this station, it is called, Rolling Rainbow.  The children need to roll a coin dice (which I made out of a block) and color the matching coin.  The first one to color the rainbow wins.  

Station 7 & 8
Printed from other sites and I don't remember from where ??? :(

Station 9
The Computer Center

My little ones just go to our class website and I just created a page where I bookmarked the games I want them to go to.  I use pictures so the sites are easy for my little ones to find.  They know that they can choose the astronaut or the apple.  

Station 10
This game is based off an idea I found on Pinterest.  The children use spinners and exchange coins to get to 25.  The first one to have all their coins going  up the rocket wins.  

Station 11
Build a Rocket or Robot with Pattern Blocks
The students practice with pattern blocks to create a rocket or robot with pattern block patterns.  They will use paper pattern blocks to recreate it on paper for me to see or they can make their own. 
Click Here for your copy
There is a little greater that/less than review after the rocket or robot is complete.

Station 12
The I Pad Station

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