Thursday, March 8, 2012

May I Have Your Input Please!

I have been so worried about setting up my new math stations I forgot it was time to assess my students.  Assessing my students is a stressful time for me.  On one hand I like working with the children one on one to see the progress they have made throughout the school year.  On the other hand it is extremely stressful finding the time to test each child.

Here is the list of words I will test my little ones with this quarter.  It includes both sight words and word families.  I teach at a private school and I do not have the benefit of comparing what we are doing to other schools in the district so I would appreciate your thoughts and comments.


  1. This looks good. If your school could afford it, I would suggest ESGI. It is wonderful and a great teaching and parent tool.

  2. Oh, I totally agree. I love ESGI. You can try a free 60 day trial. My school district is now developing all of our K tests on ESGI and it downloads to our report cards!


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