Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tour of My Class

Can you believe it.......summer for me is officially over.   School Begins for me tomorrow.   There will be lots of changes this year, new children, new staff members, a new principal, and new parents.

I have just a few little things to finish up in the room tomorrow but the classroom is almost ready for Parent Night.........

I thought you would like a tour of it first :)
Welcome to my kindergarten classroom.

The first area you walk by is the computer center  and the lunch pocket chart.  

The lockers are on the right and the children's' tables are in the center of the room.

The cart with the rainbow bins are the future home of my literacy cart.

The lockers were repainted by the K4 teacher's friend and the reading teacher and I sponged painted the circles on the lockers.

At the beginning of the year, my dramatic play area is a house.  I am repainting the doll bed at home.  I think I need to pick up a small area rug.

The Writing Center

I gave the building center a fresh coat of paint as well and made new tags for the bins.

The Math Center

My teacher area and small group table.

Large Group Area/Reading Center

Bookshelves in reading area....................tomorrow I will add my first week of school books to the blue book rack. 

thanks for stopping by  :) sue

See more classroom here:


  1. I love it, it looks wonderful!! I love your dramatic play area is so cute, a rug would be nice there. I also like the building tubs and the paint looks wonderful! Lucky Kindergartners who have you for a teacher!!

  2. Wow! Your room looks fantastic! It is so organized and inviting. Love the owls.

  3. Your room is soo cute! It's so organized and big! I'm jealous of all the space.

    Ms. Preppy's Adventures in Primary and Polka Dots

  4. I am obsessed with your owls!!! too cute!!

    Miss Kindergarten

  5. Your room looks great,very welcoming to shy new kindergarteners. Have a great first day.

  6. Oh my gosh! Your room is so cute! I love it! It is put together so well. Very good use of space.

  7. What a beautiful room. I love all the pictures. I am your newest follower.


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