Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Teacher Talk Tuesday My Advice

You Learn From Your Mistakes

This is true for students and for teachers.  If you realize your lesson is not working, change it, forget it and move on.

Teach your students not what you think other people (core standards expect).  Teach what your students need and then you will meet those standards as well.

If you make a mistake......admit and move on.............

And most importantly love what you are doing,  always look for new and fun ways to approach the topics you teach.  

Make your students feel that by coming to your class they have won the lottery.

Each day you come to school try to do one thing better than the day before.



  1. I see that Keep Calm and Carry On saying a lot, it must be good advise then!

  2. Ok, that sign is too funny! I want that hanging up in my classroom!


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