Saturday, February 25, 2017

Kindergarten Assessment Binder

I created this packet for myself this year because I started to notice that whenever I need to assess one of our young students I am searching for all the materials.  I feel like I am wasting valuable time getting organized.
I have been away from kindergarten a couple years and several times I forgot to assessed the back section of the assessment.
So I put together these pages and the materials needed to complete the assessment all in one place.  Then I only need to grab one binder when it is time to assess. 

My binder is always ready to go.  I have all my copies in the front and back pockets and pencils and other supplies are in this pencil pouch.  
 Materials found in the pencil pouch:
•3 hole pencil case
•Yellow and red counters (I like to use animals.)
•Small box of crayons
•Several sharpen pencils
•Four different colored markers (four each quarter)
•Reading Pointer for student
•Stickers (The students love getting stickers for a job well done!)
 Each slide of my Powerpoint has several letters, numbers, shapes or colors.  I have the students read each line and record the results.  

I have used the binder several times already and I just love it.  I find it easier to use than the flashcards that we were using. 

Another thing I did for quick assessments or quick checks as I like to call them is I loaded the PowerPoint onto my Google drive.  

Then I can use my i-pad or i-phone for quick checks because sometimes I am not always working in the same room or even on the same side of the building but I do have my phone with me. 

  I can always make quick notes on a post it and then record it later on a formal sheet for the parents.

You can find more information at my TPT store if you are interested.   

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