Sunday, January 8, 2017

Reference Folders

One of the things I noticed as I am working in my new position at school is that I am often walking back into classrooms to get reference charts or wishing I had a poster hanging up somewhere to show the students where to find basic information.  The other day I noticed of the kindergarten teachers had some reference folders in her classroom.  There are tons of ideas on Pinterest under mini office. I found lots of awesome ideas but there was not one folder that fit all my needs. However, I found lots of wonderful teachers who were willing to share the things they created for FREE!

So I printed out a couple of ideas I thought would be useful in my daily teaching and put together my own folders.  
Inside the folder I crammed in as much language arts as possible. I believe all of these resources were free.  I did add some stickers for extra color.   
4.  Days of the Week and Months by  ??

On the outside of the folder I put as much math as possible.
1.  Hundreds Chart by Kindercraze  (This was from a paid product I already had.) 
2.  Numberline by ??

I think this is a wonderful idea and you can make them for different age groups.  It is nice to have a reference folder handy when you need one.  

P.S.  I know I am missing two resources I can not find where I got them from.  If I come across them I will update the page.  Sorry.  

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