Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Five Amazing Free Rhyming Activities

This week I am looking for activities to help a little guy learn to rhyme.  Since I don't have a budget at school I am looking for hands on activities that are FREE!  I found some amazing activities that I can use right away.  
1.  Twinkle, Twinkle, A Rhyming Freebie by Elizabeth R.  this is a cute and adorable rhyming activity. I know that the little boy with love the stars.  There are just a couple of stars so it will be just one a several activities I will do during the session.   

2.  These Rhyming Clip Cards from This Reading Mama are a great second step in rhyming.  Children have to find the word that does not rhyme.  This will be a great last step after we have worked on rhyming for several weeks.   

3. This Reading Mama has another awesome reading activity for FREE and my little one will love this.  He will love doing the DUPLO Rhyming Match with blocks.  He loves using his hands to move things and do things.  

4.  Yes can you believe is another wonderful FREE rhyming activity by This Reading Mama.  These are matching cards that you can easily use in a pocket chart or I thought I might cut the circles out and put them on popsicle sticks.  Then my little guy could just pull out a stick and give a rhyme.      

5. Reading Dominoes from No Time From Flashcards This idea I will have to do a little bit more work with.  I am going to have to find pictures and put it together.  However I think it will be a fun game to play.  

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