Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Author of the Month -- Doreen Cronin

Doreen Cronin
(Google Image)
Doreen Cronin is the Author of the Month for November in First Grade.   I thought it was the perfect choice with the elections, her book Duck for President is hilarious.   
I collected some free resources and have a link for them here.  I also have some links for the stories I found on youtube.  
I put together some qr cards with books jackets for the listening center.  You can pick those up free here. I mount them on colorful card stock and hang them up in the reading center.  What I like about the posters is that they serve two purposes:  1.  decoration and 2.  They have qr codes on them that the students can use with the ipads as a listening center.  

Below are some great ideas I found on Pinterest.  I really like the last activity.   



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  1. I LOVED doing author of the month! My favorite was Lynne Munsinger and Helen Lester. I used to do them together because Lynne illustrates for Helen. Awesome!
    Lori @


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