Monday, October 24, 2016

November Challenge Pack is Ready

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I feel like I have been working on this non-stop all week but really I have been working all month on the Challenge Pack for November.  

There are always a few students in the classroom who always finish all their work way before the other students and what do you have them do?

I have my students do challenge work.  Basically it is a review of what we are learning in out classroom.  It might have a slight twist to the skills.  

For example,  our sight words.  I could have the students just practice their flash cards, however instead they can come to the challenge center and there they will find two sight word games to play.  Sight Word Bingo or Stick Bang. 

In math we have been learning about Base Ten Numbers and ten frames. During Calendar last month we compared Base ten blocks to dimes and pennies.  So I created a challenge activity where they need to do some comparison.  

Another new activity I have for my students is an I SPY the Mayflower with a syllable twist.  They have to search the classroom for words the begin with the letters from the word Mayflower however the have to have one or two syllables.  
I also have a Reading Challenge similar to the Daily Five layout.
I also include the qr codes for stories for the children to listen to and poems for them to read.  
The November Challenge Unit has a lot of wonderful activities:
Challenge 1:  Sight Word Bingo
Challenge 2:  Thanksgiving ABC Order
Challenge 3:  Turkey Hunt
Challenge 4:  Thanksgiving Noun Sort
Challenge 5:  Turkey Roll and Add
Challenge 6:  Mayflower Compact
Challenge 7:  Thanksgiving I Spy -- Addition
Challenge 8:  Thanksgiving Money  (Tens and Ones)
Challenge 9:  Thanksgiving Reading Challenge
Challenge 10:  Thanksgiving Making Words
Challenge 11:  Mayflower Syllable Count
Challenge 12:  The Pilgrims and Native Americans Mixed Up Sentences.
Challenge 13:  Sight Word Stick Bang
Challenge 14:  Stick Short Vowel Sort

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