Tuesday, July 5, 2016

US Symbols

At the end of the school year our Social Studies Unit was US Symbols and Monuments.  My class was very excited to learn about our country.  I found a great set of books to get the kids excited about reading about our country.  My class loved the books.  They are just right for first grade reading.  One of the books we focused on was The Statue of Liberty.  Afterwards I had the students do a direct drawing of the Statue of Liberty that I found on Pinterest.  We had a wonderful discussion about buildings we would find in the city.  I like the picture on the right somehow the US Bank has a cross on the top.  It is so cute that my students have no understanding of the division of religion and state.  

 And now for my favorite picture....I told the students to draw buildings of places they like to go.....the little red building is HOOTERS.  How many cute little Catholic boys know about Hooters? 

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