Monday, June 27, 2016

Dear First Graders......

Dear First Grader,

In first grade you will learn Social Studies that's when you learn about people, places and presidents.  You will also learn about religion.  That's when you learn about God, Jesus and saints.  Handwriting is

another thing we do in first grade.  In math we solve hard problems.  You will learn about responsibility.  A responsibility is something you have to do by yourself.

From, Ellie

At the end of each school year one of my last writing assignments is to write a letter to the incoming first graders.  We go back over the pictures from our school year time line as talk about the different things we learned throughout the year. Throughout the discussion we also include things that are the same about kindergarten so that we know what not to repeat in our letters, for example gym class or lunch. In addition I remind the students to use their class dictionary to look up the hard words and sound out the new words and give it a try in their dictionaries.  

Above is just one letter from this year.  There were several cute letters.  However, I liked this one because we discussed a lot this year about what it means to be responsible, apparently it home with Ellie.  

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