Wednesday, July 20, 2016

2016 Updating Writing Folders

Last year I read the book, First Grade Writing Workshop and I loved the book.  I created writing folders for my students based of ideas from the book.  As the year went on I found that we were missing valuable information in our writing folders and I was constantly tweaking the folders throughout the year.  So this year I am making some changes.  

First I want to add a basic alphabet chart for the beginning of the year when we are focusing on sounding out the consonant sounds.  I am not about recreating the wheel if someone else has already invented it so I found a great free one on Pinterest by Lavinia Pop. She offers it for free on TPT and has a variety to pick from.  I am going to use one that labels the pictures as well.  

Next I created a short and long vowel page for my students to use as a reference.  

Then I found another vowel combination sounding sheet on Pinterest for free by Amanda Hagaman that I am putting next to mine.

This is what my students will start the year with I will be adding more as I introduce more mini lessons.  Next week I will show you a few more pages that go along with a couple mini lessons.  

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