Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Book Making for First Graders

After I shared my Spookley lesson with a friend of mine, who teaches kindergarten, she said you have to check out Story Maker at  So when I took my class up to the computer lab I told them when they were done with their math homework they could try something new.  It is simple to use.  I demonstrated how to use the program and let them experiment on their own.  

On the right side are three icons, picture, text, and full page.  When you want to add text you push the text button and the text screen appears.
You push the picture screen and you can create a picture using all kinds of tools and colors.  

On our computers at school if you save your project it will save but not open back into abcya so the children can not go back and edit it.  I have them make one page and print.  So I make sure we have that part of the book.  

The last icon is for preview.
The pages turn out so cute and professional.  I will definitely have my students use this program for publishing some of their work. One of my students had so much fun she made this short turkey story.

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