Friday, September 18, 2015

Five For Friday -- Sept. 18


This week in my classroom it was all about creating new little signs to motivate and organize the students.  

The first two I found on Pinterest.  They are just cute reminders that each child is loved and a reminder to be good.  

The next sign I created because my students were so confused when I referred to this pocket chart as the unfinished chart.  They had something similar in kindergarten and it was called the catch up pocket.  So I gave in and created a sign for all the children to see.  

In our religion lesson this week we were reading the story about the Good Shepherd. I created this little sign to go along with the lesson and the sheep from the book. 

And finally my subway art poster I made after shopping at Target one day.  You can see that I am a little obsessed with posters.  

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