Friday, August 7, 2015

Five For Friday -- August 7

August 7

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1.  This was another busy week for me.  I went back to school and started to clean my classroom.  It is a long process for me because I like to scrub everything clean before I put it away.  I am a bit of a clean freak so this cleaning process does take me a few days to get everything the way I want it.  However, now I am in the process of putting things away where they belong. 

2.  This week I put together a class book we created together last year.  The book is for the first day of school to introduce the students to their new classroom.  I am really excited to share it with my new students. 

3.  In the evening, I am reading the book, Power Thoughts, by Joyce Meyer.  I created two cards to guide me through my first week.  It is a reminder to work toward my goal daily.  

4.  At home this week my hubby and I put together a cabinet for the craft room.  My intention for this space is two fold:  1.  I am going to use it to work on my family scrapbooks.  I am so far behind on them.  2.  I am also going to use the space to take photos.  I purchased a tri-fold board for now and I am going to see if that improves some of my smaller photos. I included the window in the photo because we put in new windows on our second floor this week. (They look so nice compared to the old windows.)

5.  I have some Freebies for you this week.  I created headings for two of my pocket charts.  One for my spelling word chart and the other for my Rainbow Behavior Pocket Chart:  I am going to print them and then add them to some colorful cardstock. 

Next week on TVBK I am going to focus my blog posts on how I organize things in my classroom.  Thanks again to Kacey for hosting the linky party.  


  1. That book your students made is a great idea. I'm sure your new kids will love it too and want to keep the tradition going. Those cards you posted are amazing! Thanks for sharing positivity!

  2. I have to clean, too, before I proceed with setting up. I love that class book idea...I am going to keep that in mind for the next year!


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