Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Labeling Folders and Notebooks

I am a bit of an organizing freak.  Nothing drives me crazier at school then a student not able to find something in his/her desk.  In order to help  the children organize their things I created these labels.  On the first day of school I collect the supplies that the children bring to school and then I organize them and pass them back.  

I purchase plastic folders from Really Good Stuff for Reading Folders every year.  
I put this label on them as well as a label with their name.

When the students arrive they bring several red folders, one green folder and a blue folder.  I will use one red folder for a Work Zone folder.  The Work Zone folder is where we keep all unfinished work.  

I use the green folders for the challenge folders.  Each month I had challenge work for the students to do.  My challenge work is for students who have all their work complete. 

 I found some yellow 3-prong folders in the file drawers and I decided to use them for Writing folders.  
My students will have two notebooks, one for their writing journal and the second one for their coloring book.  

The Coloring Notebook is a notebook that the students can color in when their work is done.  There are times when I just a few quiet minutes or I need to get organized so they can color.  

If you right click on the images you can download the images for free.  The graphics were from KPM Doodles, and Meonheadz Illustrating.  

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