Monday, April 6, 2015

April Challenge Activities

This week is Easter Vacation for me, so like most teachers I am hoping to get lots of things organized at home and for school.  One of the big projects I am working on for school is my April Challenge Folders.  Each month I put together 16 reading and math activities that the students work on independently after they complete their class work.   I try to find a variety of activities some hands on, puzzles, games and partner activities.  If I don't have to make it myself, that's awesome!
This month I found some wonderful free activities on Pinterest that will be perfect:

I looked through some of the units I already purchased and I found a couple of activities that would be great challenge activities:

#3  Stick Bang
From Tunstals Teachings (This is a favorite game in my classroom.)  Sight Word Sticks

#7 Count/Tally/Add
from Renee Dooly, Find, Tally and Graph

#10  What is my Number?
from Doodle Bugs Teaching, Mystery Numbers

#11  True/False 
from Kristen Smith's unit, Spring is all Around

I could not find a good hands on activity for telling tell time so I had to make my own. 
 I created 16 activity cards with graphics from Graphics from the Pond and KPM Doodles and they turned out so cute.
 I made an easy recording sheet for the students to fill out as they work.

If you are interested in my activity check out my store.  


  1. Thanks for sharing such challenging activities for kids. My little kid is ion Phoenix kindergarten and I am thinking to play this activity with him only. He really love puzzles and mathematics activities.

    1. Thanks for your comment. My students love challenge activities. At the end of the year they list it in their top five things about first grade.

  2. The challenging activities are hit in my kindergarten. The students love taking part in the activities and in my opinion these are best for teaching the kids easily. At you can find more fun activities for your class. This website is my favorite place for getting ideas for my lesson plans.


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