Monday, June 3, 2013

The Goldfish's Dream and the End of Kindergarten is Near!

My days in kindergarten are numbered!  Three to be exact!  I have just finished my report cards. 
I finished my end of the year gifts for students, volunteers and room moms.  

Tomorrow is our kindergarten show and then Pirate Adventure Day. 

Today one of my students amazed me with this book.  It is the same student who wrote the pirate book last week.  Sometimes I wonder if he is the only one listening during the writing mini lessons.  

The Goldfish's Dream
This is so cute, can you see the fish is dreaming in a bubble.

Once there was a gold fish that had a dream.

It's dream was to live in the sea but it lived in a old tank.
Again the fish is dreaming in a bubble.

Then the boy's mother said it's time to put your fish in the sea.
It took me a while to understand this illustration however I think the mother is taking a nap on the sofa.  

So the boys mother called the captain. 
I love the fact that the mother is talking on a phone with a cord.

So they got on board.  
Can you see the boy carrying the fish bowl.  

And they went out to sea.
Look at the fish bowl behind the chairs.  Then look at the captain's hat.

And the gold fish's dream came true.
This illustration took me a bit too, however the line is the path the fish took as it was tossed over board.  Then in the speech bubble the fish says, "Whee."

 I just love how this little guy is progressing in his writing.  The other children in my class are starting to see the difference between their pattern stories and Augie's character stories.  However.....I will have to hope to see the difference next year. :)

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