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Book Review -- Of Primary Importance

Of Primary Importance
What’s Essential in Teaching Young Writers
A Book Review

Please know that I purchased this book on my own and these thoughts are completely my thoughts and opinions.

I really enjoyed this book.  It inspired me rethink how I am structuring my writing block.  I want to make sure that I am teaching meaningful mini lessons each day. 

I want to make sure that my mini lessons include real literature examples and student examples as well.  I need to make sure that my students have time DAILY to write.  They also need time to stroll through books to look for new ideas. 

I need to make sure that my students are doing purposeful writing; ask who is the audience for this book. 

Give the children time to work on several drafts of a story and then pick one to publish at the end of the unit have the students pick one to publish one into a published book. 

Possible Writing Structure for the Year:
Aug/Sept.  Establishing the Writing Community and Building Stamina 
Sept/Oct.   Where do Writers Get Ideas
Oct./Dec.  Poetry
Jan/April  Non-Fiction
April/June  Picture Books

I plan on having my students have a notebook to make notes from mini lessons.  In this notebook the students can explore different things for ideas to prepare themselves for the writing process.

Another aspect of writer's workshop that Ann writes about is the importance of one-on-one conferencing with the students.  I have started to tell my students I will not accept a book from them unless we have time to read it together first and they can share and talk with me about it.  This way I can give my positive feedback to them one-on-one and also point out something I noticed about the book that maybe he/she could think about for next time.  

I recommend this book to anyone who teaches writing.  It is a wonderful resource. 

Here is one of the books made in my class this week. 
I enjoyed this book for several reasons.  
1.  Everyone in my class was writing about fish and this little guy wrote about bubbles.  Funny!
2.  He had noticed that some books have page numbers and added that in his book.
3.  We have read several Eric Carle books and so he made the sunrise, the afternoon sun, the sunset, and the moon in his book just like Eric Carle.  
4.  He told me, "I have a fun ending that is not the same pattern." 


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  1. I love this book! I received it as a gift from my cooperating teacher when I was a student teacher a couple years ago. All of the first grade teachers at the school used that book for great writing lesson ideas. This book was definitely developed me into being a better teacher! Love your student's bubble book, adorable illustrations!

    Andrea @ Cheers To School


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