Monday, March 18, 2013

Developmentally Appropriate Practices

My field student asked me to write about my Developmentally Appropriate Practices.  It took me a while to put it together.  I didn't want something to stuffy.

Mrs. Schuellers Classroom

In my classroom I try to create a caring community for all the learners in my room.  I try to model positive Christian behavior for my students throughout the school day.  I encourage and challenge my students to do their best on all their work. During class discussions I try to demonstrate how to be a good listener, how to ask good questions, and how to give good clues to help friends.  Throughout the school day my students can expect to read stories independently and listen to stories read to them.  My students can expect to have time to write daily.  Students can write phonically or using the print around the classroom.    Students will experience learning in small or large groups and individually if needed. Students in my class can expect hands on activities that meet the exit expectations of the Arch. of Milwaukee. Most importantly my students will know that they are loved and cared for when they are in my classroom.    


  1. What a sweet post! I bet your kids leave feeling loved:)
    The Moffatt Girls

  2. I love this!! Shouldn't we all have this posted somewhere to remind visitors what kids do in kindergarten. Thank you for sharing. Liz :)


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