Saturday, February 23, 2013

Class Valentine

I know I am a bit late with this post, however it is so cute I just had to share it with you.
This year for Valentine’s Day my class gave me the cutest Valentine.  
BTWI just love homemade valentines.  
It's hard to see the is a long chain of hearts.  I am holding them in my hands and they extend down to the floor.

On the back of each heart the children answered questions about me.

How tall is Mrs. Schueller?
As tall as an ostrich
40 inches
She is as tall as a basketball player.
50 inches
5 feet

What does Mrs. Schueller say all the time?
Flip back or flip up (behavior chart reference)
Sit down on the carpet
Go flip up or go flip back
Do your work

How old is Mrs. Schueller?
I think 36
I don’t know

If Mrs. Schueller was a super hero/cartoon character which one would she be?
Millie from Team UmiZoomi in a pink dress
Wonder Women
Princess Leia
The invisible woman because she’s a girl
She would be strawberry shortcake

What does Mrs. Schueller do after you leave school?
play on her ipad
she get ready for the next day
She writes down words in our word books
She packs up her stuff and goes home.
Work on our art projects
 Honestly does it get any sweeter than that! 

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