Friday, June 22, 2012

My Sixth Sense

Everyone teaches the five senses however I have a sixth sense: order
If you know me you are probably laughing right know because you know I like things to be organized.  I truly believe this quote from Sarah Ban Breathnach book, Simple Abundance,

"No Woman can think clearly surrounded by clutter, chaos, and confusion, no matter who is responsible for it." know what I mean trying to teach 25 kindergarteners.

My Teacher Box

I read about the idea at the end of last year and I tried to find the original idea for you to link it up but I could not find it anywhere. :( sorry.  However this is my version of a teacher box.  My teacher box contains all my important information. What I like about it most is that I can take it home anytime I want and work on things.

I just cleaned it out and reorganized it to get ready for next year.   

I have several main categories organized by tabs:
{class information}
{field trips}
{staff information}
{professional development}
{sub information}

Inside each of the main categories are individual file folders and a couple 1 inch binders and notebooks.  I also use pocket file folders for forms.

{class information}
assessment chart
class checklist

class  information binder
(I use pocket dividers.)
·      Class list
·      Schedule
·      Year outline/events/calendar
·      Reading buddies
·      Birthdays /addresses/phone numbers hard copy
·      Emergency phone tree
·      Volunteer sign up sheet (originals)
·      Field student information

·      Book order folder
·      Student labels
·      Ordering info
·      Guided reading resource book

·      writing rubric
·      pattern block shapes backlines
·      birthday book pages originals
·      school behavior slips
·      recess slips
·      uniform policy

{field trips}
·      green meadows farm
·      fire prevention
·      art museum
·      dental awareness
·      first stage
·      discovery world
·      penguin program

{staff information}

·      notebook of technology information
(I write down info every time somebody teaches me something new on the computer so I can reference it later.  And Passwords and Usernames)
·      primary information teacher committees
·      SPA (School Accreditation Information)
·      Specialty Schedules

{professional development}
·      PDP
·      Religious ED.
·      Employment Info

·      Webgrader info
·      Copies of report cards
·      Speech guidelines

{sub information}

·      Class schedule
·      Volunteer schedule
·      Daycare schedule
·      How to use the smartboard
·      Passwords
·      Typical Daily Schedule/procedures
·      Fire Drill and Tornado Drill Info
·      Behavior Expectations
·      Medical Alerts
·      Class List
·      Extra Activities to do in Kindergarten
·      Extra Worksheets

Life is good when I am organized!


  1. Wow girl! You have it all together!

  2. LOVE this! Thank you for sharing. Off to find cool folders and a box!

    ✰ Kimberley ✰
    First in Maine

  3. Thank you for going into so much detail of what is in your teacher box! I love organization and will be doing this during the summer!
    Thank you,
    K in BC

  4. I have been inspired to create my own Teacher's Box. Thanks!

    Mrs. Bartel’s School Family


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