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Guided Math Chapter 4 Book Study

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This chapter is a little bit harder to write about.  The assignment is to think back about how you teach math in your classroom.  How much of the instruction is whole class?  Why do you choose that instructional method? 

When it comes to math I do teach a lot of whole group math instruction for a couple of reasons:  1.  That is what I know and have done for years.  2.  Time   3.  I can address most of the children at one time….fast because we are all doing the same thing.   4.  I generally do not have a helper at this time as well.

However, this past year I started to do Math Stations after reading Debbie Diller’s book, and boy did I struggle putting together all the stations.  Even more than that making sure that all the children completed all the stations.  I had a very social class that wanted to spend all their work time socializing. 

So where do I go from here….I know in my heart that  whole group is not effective with my little ones.  Sammons reminds us that most of our students are not at the same level in math, only part of our class pays attention in whole group and children get so distracted and off task during whole group. 
Why do I even think I can teach whole group?

Just like in reader’s workshop and writer’s workshop we present a mini lesson, we should do the same in math.  We should also structure it the same as well. 

First of all set a 10 minute time limit.  Don’t forget to make a connection to the lesson the day before.  Provide some sort of quick demonstration and then quickly get the children actively involved.  Then send them off to complete their work. 

Sammons writes we should use the same strategies that we use throughout other areas in math to get children interested and engaged in the lessons:
·      Kwl charts
·      Inquiring questions
·      Word splashes
·      Children’s Literature (My Favorite)
·      Math games
·      songs

Don’t forget at the end of your math time to provide a “Math Huddle” where children can talk about what they are learning.  Sammons has two excellent points:
“This general review helps teachers discover students who may need additional help” and “Students who reflect on what they do and communicate with others about it are in the best position to build useful connections in math.”

I don’t know about you but I know I need to be more proficient at teaching Math in small groups.
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  1. I also read Debbie Diller's Math Work Stations and made a big change to my Kindergarten math program last year with great success! I want to chime in as soon as school ends with the new book club. I purchased the book in the fall but it has sat on my beside table for months. I am so glad that this book is the choice for the summer!
    Liz :)


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