Friday, June 15, 2012

Guided Math Chapter 2

Guided Math Book Study

How does my Classroom Environment measure up to the Principles of Guided Math?

“Learning at its best is a social process” 
This is noticeable during math stations.  Both teacher and students are “active participates in learning.”

“It is okay to make mistakes”
I let my little ones know they learn from their mistakes but deep down I don’t think they believe me.  I need to help them move to that next level of understanding.
I want to add a number line underneath my smart board.  

Classroom Arrangement
+Large Group Area
+Daily Calendar includes hundreds chart on smartboard.. should I make this visible by hanging it up somewhere in the classroom??
+small group area
use little white boards more as part of the learning process
This is my math center.  I need to rethink how I use the easel.  I might flip it the other way and have math vocabulary on it.  My little ones use the magnetic white board to put math manipulatives on it. 
Class Expectations
+Everything has a home
+Everything is labeled and easily accessible
Spend time carefully teaching procedures of cleaning up at the beginning of the year it will save time later.
Spend more time on behavior expectations and working independently, what should they do if they have a problem or if they finish early.
Clearly marked finish box and Pick Up Box.
Interruptions should only be for the bathroom!!!
This is the chart I made last year.  I definitely want to redo this!  I need to address what to do if you finish early and what do if you have a problem.

Morning Calendar Routine
This was new for me this year.  I really do not know where I adopted this idea from because I would love to give credit to that teacher.  However I took it from someone online and my partner teacher and I made something that worked for me. 

My little ones came in and signed in and then began their calendar journal.  They traced the name of the month.  They circled the day.  Then they printed to the date.  At the beginning to the year we did this together as the year went on they are capable of doing this without instruction.  I do not have a picture of this because it changes every year. 

Then they read on the carpet until I started the  smart board calendar.  When we get to the tally marks in the calendar they returned to their seats and we completed the calendar journals together. 
This changes throughout the year as well.  At the beginning of the year we count to the 100th day of school.  Then at fourth quarter we switch and count backwards to the last day of kindergarten.

Each day I taped in a problem of the day.  I purchased them from Mrs. Wills’ blog or Mrs. Jump had some as well.  I even made some on my own to match some of our themes.
Chapter 2 suggests a Math Journal….do I want to add this as well?  A math journal would be a place where my little ones could draw math vocabulary.   A place where my little ones could practice other activities or notes from small group or Math Huddles. 

What can I add to my classroom environment to show the importance of mathematics?
I want to move my teaching style to be more where the teacher shares in the process of learning.  Where the teachers models, facilitates, and co-learns with the students.

A sign of a productive classroom is ideas.  This is something I feel my students are afraid to express ideas.  They always want to know what is right, Am I doing this right.  I want them to express more ideas.

I also need to work on this in math and reading and writing…..does it make sense!!!!

Think it through
·      Explain your thinking
·      Listen to one another
·      What other ways could this problem be solved?
Sharing builds confidence

Thinking back to my classroom last year I didn’t have the number words, shape words, size words, and other math vocabulary hanging up in my classroom. 

I want to create more graphic organizers or charts to display in the math center for my little ones to refer too.

Most Importantly I want to make sure that when we read literature WE look for a math connections.  I want my little ones to realize that math is part of our daily lives, just like I do with reading.

If you want to read more thoughts from Chapter 2 Guided Math I linked up at 3rd Grade Gridiron


  1. I had a similar question about the calendar on the smartboard. I don't have a smartboard, but I have the Activinspire program in my class that we do daily calendar on over our projector, so I was wondering if I should put the physical calendar up also. I have such limited wall space, so I couldn't decide. I did have a 100s chart up the whole year. I am enjoying following along!
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

    1. Thanks Lisa
      I do have the physical calendar up in my room because we do refer to it throughout the day. However the months, days of the week, tally marks, temp. poems and other things we do on the smart board.


  2. Thanks for sharing your calendar pages! I may take these & tweak them for my second graders, if that's okay with you!

    primary inspired

    1. Feel Free to Take and share and you please... :)


  3. Wow, Sue! Awesome post and pics! Thanks for linking up!!!


  4. Sue,
    Like you, I questioned whether I needed to display everything on my walls. As a 4th grade teacher, we've not done calendar math/meeting board every day, but I'd like to implement it next year. I definitely will use my Promethean board, but I'm also thinking I'll have a lot of the "stuff" on the walls. I'm envisioning my calendar (already there), math words, anchor charts. I don't know about the other stuff. I haven't decided.


  5. We love your blog! We are your newest followers! Come check us out if you get a chance!

  6. I loved reading your thoughts on chapter 2. I think if you give each of your students a hundred chart in their math folder, or binder, etc. then you don;t need one posted on your walls and on your smartboard as well.

    Sweet Seconds

    1. Thanks Brittany for your thoughts. I did post the 100 charts in my math bins this year. I do not think the children refereed to them much. I like the idea of putting the chart in the folder.



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