Monday, June 18, 2012

Book Organization

I have my books organized in four areas. 
The Reading Center, The Take Home Cart, The I Can Read Cart, and The File Cabinets.

The picture above is of my reading center.  Here the children come to read during centers or when their work is finished.  Most of the books in this area  are out all year.   I do add books in the empty blue rack that vary with the theme.

This is my "I can read"  cart.  Here my books are leveled.  The children are encouraged to pick books at their individual reading levels.  They can take these books home to read and read them in the classroom.

I do have another cart where I have take home books that change throughout the year by themes that the children can take home as well.  
This is the only picture I could find of my file cabinets.  I left this picture for the maintenance men at school.  I don't have a closet to put books in so I have these three file cabinets.  I use them as a divider.  Each drawer is organized by month.  So all by teaching materials for September are in the first drawer, for example.  

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