Sunday, May 6, 2012


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I am teaching my little ones about sea turtles this week.  I found this cute little poem at Preschool Rainbow.  It is perfect for our reading lesson.  It has lots of our sight reading words and well as number words and rhyming words.  

I retyped it and added some graphics from KPM doodles.  

I have already read the book:

tomorrow I will read,

and I also plan to read this magazine link I found on Pinterest.

I have a couple more links on my teacher resource wiki page.  

Here are the cute turtles my little ones made.  We read this wonderful book about the different kinds of turtles 

and then my little ones added details to their turtles. 

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  1. Thank you for these cute ideas! We have a turtle in our classroom and we do "Turtle Tuesdays" so I'm always looking for activities to go along with the turtle stuff. LOVE the poem! Thanks,
    Kristina at


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