Thursday, May 3, 2012

Telling Time

My little ones made these clocks this week during Math as we discussed the parts of the clock.  The octopus goes along with our ocean unit.    This adorable clock was an idea that my partner teacher shared with me.  It is so cute.  The children loved working on them.  We did have some volunteers precut the hands for the children and precut the numbers for us. (A circle punch was from Michaels and it is a life saver.)

We read two great books about telling time:

I created a math work station with some cards.

I left the cards blank in case you want to download the cards on card stock, then you can use a sharpie and write down times you want your little ones to practice.  

My little ones are working on telling time on the hour.  

I also have a recording sheet.
You can find the cards and the recording sheet HERE!

I found a telling time app for another Math Station, right now I am using the free version.  However I may purchase it  for 2.99.
App Store Link

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