Sunday, April 29, 2012

Measuring with Worms

Inch by Inch by:  Leo Lionni
Do you remember this book?  It has been around since 1960, before even I was born.  Wow!   That is really an old book!  Anyways I love to use this book to introduce measuring to my little ones.  It is about an inchworm that measure animals until he is threatened and then he has to measure his way out of trouble.

I purchased these worms from Lakeshore a few years :

I created this worksheet to go along with the story and the plastic worms.   I cut the worksheet in half and we do the one inch worm side together. I send my little ones out on a hunt to look for things in the classroom that are the same size as the littlest worm.  

 Then I put the three inch worms in the Math Stations along with the other side of the worksheet for my little ones to do on their own.

Graphic from KPM Doodles
If you would like a copy of the worksheet click here.  

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