Monday, April 30, 2012

Dad of the Year Book

I spent the whole weekend organizing for Mother's Day this week.  I purchased a great book from Mrs. Jump for my little ones to make for Mother's Day.    It reminded me of the father's day book I have my little ones make.  It is an idea that my little boys made years ago and I added to it and made it more of a book.  Oh, and I went to school today and my friend told me that Mother's day is next week.  Yeah!  I will be ahead of schedule.!!!

Click Here if you would like a copy and please leave a comment and or feedback.  Thanks,


  1. Cute book for Father's day! I will definitely use this over the summer! :)

    Cheers To School

  2. super cute book!! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Are you still posting your smart board calendars? My class enjoyed them but I didn't see one last month :( Elisabeth

    1. Sorry Elisabeth,

      I forgot about the smart board calendars. I will try to update them this weekend and upload them.



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