Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Earth Day

I know I am a bit late with this post, however I thought I could at least share my ideas with you for next year.  I love this book.  It is the perfect book for Earth Day.  After I read this book to my class we did two easy art projects.

First I traced the world on the cover of the book and copied it for my little ones.

Then I gave each of my little ones a green, blue and red sharpies and a piece of shrinky dink plastic.
They put the plastic on top of the pattern and colored it in with sharpies.

Then I cut the Earth shape out and punched a hole on the top.
Next we baked the shrinky dink in the toaster oven for 3 minutes and created a necklace.

Our second project started in the morning.   We colored coffee filters blue and green and sprayed them with water.  We let them dry all morning.  

We read the story:
My partner teacher introduced this book to me.  I love it!   It is a must have book for Earth Day!

Then we created our Earth Day Poster!

While we worked on our posters we listened to this song by Jack Johnson.
I love Jack Johnson songs!

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