Sunday, April 22, 2012

All About Fish

These beautiful fish were made by my kindergarteners this week.  I just love the colors.  I found this idea on Pinterest and the trail lead me back to the directions at Deep Space Sparkle.  The fish look amazing in the hallway.

I read several books to introduce the project my little ones:
I introduced the project with this book and we discussed the different shapes of the fish. The children painted the fish shapes and background on the first day.

Then on the second day, I read Fish Eyes and we discussed the details, shapes and colors you could add to your fish to make it beautiful.  My little ones got right to work.  When they were finished they outlined their fish with black paint.  

I love the results......Thank you Deep Space Sparkle for sharing.  


  1. The colours are so bright! They must make a beautiful display. Liz :)


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