Monday, April 2, 2012

Astronaut Adventure Day 2

Day 2 of Astronaut Adventure Days started with three centers again.  The first center was the science center where my little ones worked with magnets. 

We read the book, The Mystery of Magnets.  Each student was given two magnets and worked with the concept of attract and repel. 
 Part 2 of this center is a Game.  
Who Can Get the Paper Clips out of the cup first?
1.  No Yelling and Screaming
2.  No putting your hands in the water.
3.  No dumping the water on the table.
4.  No getting my magnets wet!!!!!

It is so fun to watch the little ones stand there and hold the magnets above the water and tell me,  "Nothing is happening!"  
I ask, "What else can you try? Think like a scientist!"

This center is simple: create a rocket with pattern blocks and add  a background with foam stickers.

The third center was a creation of my partner teacher Lynn.   The children create another rocket with sticky tape, aluminum  foil, construction paper, and paper towel tube.  Double Stick tape worked the best to hold the pieces on and a parent did hot glue the top on.  There was lots of excitement at this center!

We read a Scholastic book about Comets and then created comets with aluminum foil and wrapping ribbon.  This activity needed a lot of assisstance because my little ones do not know how to tie knots.  However, they did have fun throwing them in the hall.  It was a rainy day so we were stuck inside.

Space in a Bottle is one of those activities that I have modified throughout the years.  At first I poured light syrup in the bottles mixed with water to give it some texture.  But over the years I found the kids love it just the same with plain water.  Sometimes I have the my little ones draw on the water bottles with sharpies if time allows.  
They add 8 pom poms for planets, star beads for stars, glitter for astroids and sequences for comets.  
Blue Food Coloring
Shake, Shake, Shake.........and you have Space in a Bottle!

To end the day we created robots with the scraps from all our projects and most of my little ones did not finish so their 8th grade buddies came down after lunch to help them.  


  1. Just love this post too! Such clever ideas that I have never seen!
    Thanks for sharing, I am making notes for a space unit!


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