Saturday, March 24, 2012


Today I read one of my favorite stories, Mooncake by Frank Asch.  It is an adorable story.  Bear thinks he has travel to the moon to have a piece of the moon to eat.  He is really eating snow.  It is so much fun to watch my little ones put the pieces together in the story.

A couple of years ago I found somewhere on the web this great idea to make "Mooncake," for the children.  Of course I did not write the source on this so I am sorry, however it is an awesome idea.

I mix 2 quarts of thawed vanilla ice cream with 1/2 container of thawed lemonade concentrate in my mixer.  It sounds funny but it is delicious.

Then I scoop the mixture in aluminum cupcake liners in my cupcake pans.  Freeze them overnight.  Right before I serve them I add an American Flag and a Teddy Graham.

sorry no teddy graham in the picture my little ones ate them before I had the camera out

I do not tell the kids what I make the mooncake out of, it is fun to listen to them guess.  Today one little boy had the class convinced there was strawberries in it.  

My little ones did a response sheet to the story as well.
Click Here for your Freebie
On Thursday I read the story Papa Please Get the Moon For Me, by Eric Carle.  

Then we created this art project I found on google.  It is so cute.

First, on Thursday, we painted white construction paper in an ab pattern with two tones of blue stripes.

Then, on Friday, we built our ladders with popsicle sticks, made the moon out of construction paper.  We added sticker stars.  Each child made a picture of herself/himself climbing the ladder.

I think they turned out adorable.  I could not find a source for this, but thank you, whoever you are.  This is cute!

I own the Eric Carle VHS video of Papa Please Get the Moon For Me, however it is on Youtube if you want it. 


  1. Omg! I love that book. It is such a classic! I love all the cute ideas you have to go with it!

  2. I love this post! Just printed your freebie and plan to make moon cake for my class on Monday!!! How awesome! I hope I can find the little flags tomorrow! Thank you thank you!
    Thanks so much for commenting on my house post. I really appreciate you naming all the great stuff about the house. I have been so discouraged with it, but you are right. There is a reason I love this place so much. I don't have a clue why no one coming to see it wants it!!!

  3. I LOVE Eric Carle books. I also tech Kindergarten and I plan to do this activity. Thanks for sharing. I am new to the blogging world. I recently became one of your followers and I am so glad I did. Great site! You might like to check out my blog sometime at Classroom Fun

  4. Hi Sue,
    I love your blog so I nominated you for a Top Ten Award. Hop over to my blog at Classroom Fun to check it out.


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